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GoLive 6 Mysql and PHP The only book on the subject - Table of Content -
GoLive 5, les fondamentaux GoLive 5, les fondamentaux
PHP and MySQL with GoLive 6
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Looking to take your Web site to the next level by dynamically delivering up-to-the-minute data? This is the book for you! Authors Milan and Didier Laget take you through the complete process of utilizing Dynamic Content in Adobe GoLive 6 using Apache, MySQL and PHP. The book covers the installation, set-up and fine tuning of Dynamic Content to create, develop and manage MySQL databases. The user is guided through the learning process via the use of illustrations and step-by-step, real-world examples. Projects include how to create a film database, a bulletin-board service (BBS), a search engine and a portfolio, and offer directions on how to log visitors with sessions, protect a directory and much more!

Dynamic Contents
The Dynamic Web Page
Source XML
Server Language
Inside the Web Workgroup Server CD-ROM

About MySQL, PHP and HTML Languages
About t Apache Servers of MAC OS X and GoLive
Mac OS X
Web Sharing
GoLive Preconfigured Servers
For Mac OS X..x
For Windows
Additional Files
Iconv (Mac OS X only)
Starting the Web Server
Launching MySQL
Initializing the Database Samples
Creating the Database Samples
Interfaces Managing Databases

Uninstalling the GoLive Preconfigured Servers
Step : Stopping Servers
Step : Deleting Preconfigured Servers and Aliases.
Deleting Databases with Terminal

First Steps with MySQL
Introducing Databases
Table and Languages
Tables and Databases
First Database
Introducing eSKUeL and phpMyAdmin Interfaces
Creating a Database
Deleting a Database
Creating Your First table
Creating a Table
Structure of a Field
The Types of Columns
The Keys of Indexation
Practical Example : Creation of the Table videobase
Creating and Setting a Field
Adding Fields
Creation of the Table videoComplet
Creation of the Table
Exporting a Database from FileMaker Pro
Importing a Database into a Table

About the Extension of a PHP file
Notions of Syntax and Code PHP
Use in GoLive
Instruction echo
Transfering Data (Form)
The Form
The File result
Connection with the Form
The Form Inventory
The Field Hidden
The Variables $GLOBALS
First Dynamic Pages
Setting Your First Dynamic Site
Preparing the New Site
General Site Settings
Adding Content Sources

First Dynamic Page
Making the Page Dynamic and Allocating it a Content Source
Sorting the Content Source
Creating a Dynamic Table in the Page
Internal Navigation
Limiting the Data Displayed
Creating an Internal Navigation
Detailing the Records
Creation of the Page details
Setting the Origin Page

Dynamic Forms
Editing Database Records
Setting the Page Dynamically
Implementation of Elements
Implementation of the Navigation Bar
Test of functioning
Adding, Copying or Deleting Records
The Main Page
The Error Page
The Details page
The Delete page

Search Engines
First Search Engine
Creation of the Page
Implementation of Dynamic Bindings
Displaying Several Fields in the same line
Multicolumn Search on one Field of Form
Multicriterion Search
Implementation of the Form
Parameter Setting of the Search
Displaying the Keywords
Addition of Information about Records
Information about the Result
Information about the Result of the Search

Practical Example : The Cinematheque
The Purpose of the Game
The Needs
Importing Existing Tables
Structure of Tables
The Site
Dynamic Settings
Adding Images
Creating HTML Files
PHP Files
The Search File
The File Technic File
The Edit File
The File Add a Film
The File Create a New Kind
Binding towards an External Database
Use of Check Boxes
Editing the Table cinema
Refreshing the Database
The File of Published Films
Bindings and Improvements of the other files

Creating a Photo Catalog
Database Table
The File Catalog
The File moyen.php
The File grand.php

Creating a Forum
Creation of a New Table
Creation and Implementation of Elements
Creation of the Page Index
Creation of the Page New Theme
Creation of the Page Messages
Setting the Bindings of Each Page
Page Index
The Page Create New Theme
The Page Messages
About Date Format
Managing the Forum
Creation of the Delete File
Creation of the Directory File

Uploading the Dynamic Site
Sending the Database to the Server
Uploading the Site to the Server
Editing the Settings of the Content Sources
General Notes
Back to the Local Sever
The Troubleshooting Page
Server Hosting : the conditions of contract
Databases Managment
Miscellaneous Considerations
About Olosa
The Case of Free Hosting Servers
Dynamic Settings of the Site

MySQL Managment
With eSKUeL
The Welcome Page
Managing a Database
Managing Tables
Users rights
With phpMyAdmin
The Welcome Page
Options (Database selected)
Options (Table Selected)

Protection of a File
Automatic Sending of a Mail
The Include
Avoiding the Browser Cache
Identical Protection for Several Documents
Inserting HTML Documents
Replacing Components
Modifying the Contents of a Page without GoLive
Various Date Formats
Last Modified Date
Dates in French
Writing and Reading in a File
Visits Counter
Connections Statistics
Uploading Files Without FTP
The Form
The Script
Authentification and Redirection with Variable of Session
Setting Files
Live Counter
PHP Tags Library

Various Manipulations
Passing a Variable on a Page
From a Page Not Bound to a Database
From a Page Bound To a Database
Practical Example
Show Details of Current Record via an Image
Sorting by Columns with Search Engine
By Pop-up Menu and Check Box
By Click on the Column Header
Making a Hypertext Link Active
The Electronic Mail Address
The Hypertext Link
Placing an Icon in Place of the Address
Building the Site Joints
The Purpose of the Game
The Needs
Site Settings
The File globalInfo.php
The File Error
The File redirectOK.html
The File ajout.html (add)
The File suppr.php
The File fonctionSuppr.php (functionSuppr)
The File identEdit.php
The File permisEdit.php
Maintenance of the Site

Summary and Troubleshooting
GoLive's Settings
PHP Settings of a Dynamic Site
Floating Dynamic Toolbar
The Dynamic Content Tab of the Objects Palette
The Content Source Inspector
The Dynamic Bindings Palette
The Edit URL Window
About Forms
To Create a Blank Form
Problems of Display
List of main error messages
Extract a Part of the Site

Annexes :
Mac OS X
Configuration of localhost for Jaguar
MYSQL and Mac OS X .x Update towards .x
Working with the Mac OS X Apache server
Activation of the Server
The Root Folders
Initialization of PHP
The MySQL Server
Installation of MySQL
Installation of the MySQL Interfaces
Implementation of GoLive's Samples and Databases
Implementation of the Samples Folder
Initialization of Samples Site
Initialisation of GoLive's Database

Various Configurations
Before Beginning
The File httpd.conf of Apache
Creating Virtual Servers
Various Index Types of a Site
To Prevent the Listing of a Directory
Managing Extension of Files
The File htaccess
Managing Errors
Working with Invible Files

Reserved Words
The Types of Columns
Choosing the Good Type of Column
Automatic Modifications of Type of Column
MySQL and GoLive's Queries
Connection to the Database
To Read the Content of a table
Various Operations
Useful Adresses
French Links
English Links
French PHP Links
English PHP Links


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