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Atmosphere Sniffer
E Freeware  Author : Maik Ludewig Web  
Checks if user has Atmosphere plug-in installed.

Basic Dialog Action
A Freeware  Author : Matt Ridley Web  
This Netscape 4-only (or later versions of Netscape) action displays a floating, draggable custom dialog-box within the browser window.

CatalogBuilder™ Kits
E Freeware  Author : Doug Fairchild Web  
You can build a real, fully functional e-commerce website with the kits and view it on your local computer. To actually do business with it you will need the CatalogBuilder™ Cart and Merchant Services

Disable Smart Tags
E Freeware Adam Pratt MacOs  Win  
The free Disable Smart Tags extension adds a new command to the Extensions menu called "Disable Microsoft Smart Tags" that adds a meta tag to all the pages in your web site that disables the new Smart Tags technology from Microsoft.

eCommerce BuyObjects Kit
E Commercial eCatalogBuilders Web  
This Extend Script is a full featured professional level eCommerce web design tool for GoLive 5. It is cross platform for both Mac and Windows versions of GoLive. It is the graphical front end for the CatalogIntegratorª 6.0 Shopping Cart. It installs over 60 different BuyObjectsª into the GoLive Objects Palette, which handle the great majority of purchasing situations.

Execute Javascript
A Freeware  Author : Oliver Zahorka Web  
This Action executes JavaScript code using the eval() function.

Find on Page Action
A Freeware  Author : Matt Ridley Web  
This action allows you to quickly find the next occurrence of any chosen text on the current webpage.

E GoLive  Author : Adobe Web  
The i-mode module gives GoLive 5.0 the ability to visually create NTT DoCoMo i-mode pages using cHTML.

Image Dialog Action
A Freeware  Author : Matt Ridley Web  
This Netscape 4-only action displays a dialog like the Basic Dialog, with all the customisation options which Basic Dialog offers, but also allows you to use an image of your choice within the dialog!

Production 5
E Freeware Hebron Design Web  
Productivity suite, includes Extend Scripts Manager, Edit Tag, and Direct Styles.

ReloadWindow 1.0
A Freeware  Author : Walter Blady Web  
This Action is used to force Internet Explorer to reload an HTML page fresh instead of loading it from the Browser’s Cache.

Send To Code action
A Freeware  Author : Dave Jones Web  
This action will take the value of a GoLive variable and stick it into a javascript variable. The interface in the inspector looks the same as the Set With Code action, except this one evaluates the javascript you enter and assuming it evaluates to a variable, the action puts the value from the GoLive variable into it.

Set With Code action
A Freeware  Author : Dave Jones Web  
It allows you to set a GoLive variable with the result of a snippet of javascript. When you use this action you are presented with a box to select a GoLive variable that you have previously defined in a Head Action, using the Declare Variable action. You are also presented with a box labeled "Javascript" in which you can enter a small piece of javascript.

Snippet action
A Freeware  Author : Dave Jones Web  
The snippet action allows you to execute a simple piece of javascript code from an action. This is meant for times when you might just need a single javascript statement, and it isn't worth creating a full javascript function and using the Call Function action. An example might be to set a variable, or set the value in a form field, or use a javascript "method"

Smart Tables
E Freeware  Author : Adam Pratt Web  
Adds 12 commonly-used HTML table designs to GoLive's Objects palette. These tables are a great way for new web designers to learn about good HTML table design and for experienced web designers to minimize repetitive tasks.

Third Voice Hide Action
A Freeware  Author : Matt Ridley Web  
Stops any Third Voice notes being displayed.

Third Voice Redirect Action
A Freeware  Author : Matt Ridley Web  
Redirects Third Voice users to a page/URL of your choice. Doesn't affect Mac or Unix users, or Windows Netscape users.

E GoLive  Author : RazorFish Web  
The WML module gives GoLive 5.0 the ability to visually create Wireless Markup Language (WML) decks and cards.

AtomeZ Search
E GoLive  Author : Web  
Atomz Search is the best way for your visitors to search your Web site. With the Adobe GoLive 5 Extension you can quickly and easily insert the Atomz Search form into your Web pages.

Cold Fusion Extension
E GoLive  Author : Web  
This extension for GoLive 5 provides drag-and-drop ColdFusion tags for common functions. It also allows GoLive to display ColdFusion code in Layout Mode for easy editing without switching to the source view.

OnlineBiz E-commerce
E Commercial Author : Erete Software Web  
OnlineBiz provides shopping cart, site searches, credit card processing, purchase orders and many other powerful features to get your site up to today's standards. OnlineBiz provides you with a turn-key solution to stay competitive in the e-commerce marketplace.

A Freeware  Author : John May Web  
Same as the Password.action action included with GoLive 4 except for one change - when the user is successful in logging in, the resulting page is delivered using a target="_top", allowing you to break out of a frameset.

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